Tools to Help You

On the following pages you will find lots of tools that may help you manage your symptoms. This includes the worksheets and exercises from group sessions, information about specific conditions and other external resources some of our patients have found useful.

If you have attended one of our groups, you may want to re-visit areas that were covered, or you may have missed a session and need to catch up. You can also download all the worksheets used in the groups if you want to work through something again.

If you are working with a clinician on a one-to-one basis, they may have suggested a particular area which would be relevant to your difficulties, or you may wish to look through the sections in your own time.

If you have not yet started any treatment with our team, you may still find it helpful to look through the resources and see if there is anything that fits with your particular difficulties. Mindfulness is often a good place to start.