Patient Self Help Pages

Welcome to your part of the website. These pages are designed to help you get the best from the service. They will give you access to the tools you will use in groups and face-to-face meetings with your healthcare team. They will ensure you have as much information as possible to help you manage your symptoms.

You will be able to see videos of other people we have worked with who have found this service helpful, and some ideas as to how they have managed their symptoms. There are suggestions for what worked for them, and what could work for you.

This website will also give you access to wider available information in areas of best practice and information from support groups. Looking at these will help you find ways of managing your symptoms in a way that suits you.

Simon's Story

Simon came to us last year after suffering from significant pain and fatigue. This is his story of recovery.

Listen to Some Patients

How can we help today?

If you've had your initial assessment appointment with our team but haven't started any treatment yet, the pages below will give you an idea of how we work and what to expect. They also suggest some ways to begin thinking about managing your symptoms.